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Maria Cynthia Jaya


Cynthia found her passion for social equality and sustainability through her involvement in community service at a young age. Using her background in law, she channels her passion to help others by working pro-bono cases. As her love for Indonesia’s rich biodiversity grew, so did her desire to be involved in climate action. This passion became the foundation that founded Project Planet ID.


Last Seen: Savouring a delicious grilled corn beachside while contemplating innovations to clean the ocean (e.g. robotic whales that detects and consumes microplastics)

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Stephanie Clarissa


After graduating and working in several different countries to pursue her career in the hospitality industry, Stephanie became increasingly troubled by a pervasive feature of her job: waste. Her passion for sustainability sparked from seeing the industry’s lack of consideration for the environment and its natural resources. She dreams to support the development of Indonesia’s sustainability sector, with a focus on education, tourism, and hospitality.

Last Seen: Scuba diving in Raja Ampat and basking in the peacefulness and beauty of the underwater world. 

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Candice Christania

Marketing Manager

Passionately curious, Candice is always on the hunt. For new ideas, adventures and also great food. Using her background in Business Management, she wants to help local businesses become greener and maybe someday, start her own too. Her passion for sustainability grew through her involvement in community service. 

Last seen: Physically, crushing a killer barre class. Mentally, enjoying the sunset under the Bali sky.

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Alyssa Kirana

Project Manager

Alyssa is a hardworking and highly motivated fresh graduate who is the eldest of three girls. One of the important lessons she learned growing up was to always help the community - no matter how small the gesture, you never know how much it could mean to someone else. With her business management degree, she is determined to put the knowledge and skills she learned in the classroom and workplace by promoting a greener and healthier lifestyle and in the future, help businesses and consumers become more sustainable.

Last seen: Going for a morning run with her sisters and stopping to get a sneaky iced coffee

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Eileen Harsono

Non-Profit Business Development Intern 

Eileen’s passion for sustainability began ever since she was a little girl, as someone who had a deep love for her country, yet noticed all the environmental issues that came with it. She loves creating and constructing ideas that can make a difference, and currently handles business development in Project Planet ID. She hopes her efforts will bring her a step closer towards innovative, global solutions. 

Last seen: Reading thought-provoking books, making art, or admiring the many plants in her room (her favorite is an arrowhead plant named Simon!) 

    Andrea Martiandy

    Non-Profit Business Development Intern

    Andrea is currently a freshman majoring in Environmental Sustainability and Policy. Since high school, she has been contributing a lot to environmental-related organizations, which made her realize the importance of the environment towards our lives. This encouraged her to contribute more to make a change together and she can’t wait to gain new experiences with passionate people in Project Planet ID.

    Last seen: Learning more languages and being able to speak Chinese fluently.

      Ranny Angelita

      Non-Profit Business Development Intern

      A passionate Biotechnology graduate that aspires to create solutions for the current environmental issues through the power of science. Her interest in conservation and sustainability started when she learned about the anthropogenic impacts on the environment and the lack of care for it. Ranny believes the first step of change is to understand the importance of caring for the environment and how a small change could create a big impact.

      Last seen: Trekking down a cliff side beach in Uluwatu.

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       Salma Nurulhuda

      Non-Profit Business Development Intern

      As a lifelong learner, Salma is passionate about gathering knowledge in several disciplines, but found herself attached to the recurring theme of sustainability. This inspires her to major in Environmental Geography. Turning her concerns into actions, she got involved in social and environmental movements. She aspires to help create a sustainable system in society through innovation in science and technology. One day she'll develop a circular social enterprise with her best friend. 


      Last Seen: Ordering another smoothie bowl from her favourite juice bar in Yogyakarta.

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      Dian Sinthayani

      Non-Profit Business Development Intern

      Dian is a Balinese who’s currently living in South Tangerang and working at one of the Power Generation Companies in Indonesia. When she was in Bali, Dian established a non-profit organization which mainly focuses on educating children to recycle plastic bottles and charity work for the underprivileged families. In the future, she wants to continue to do something valuable for society and nature. She believes that awareness is the key to make people understand that every action they do would make a huge impact on the sustainability of the planet. 

      Last Seen: Sitting on the mat to do kundalini yoga at her backyard.

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      Risanti Delphia

      Non-Profit Business Development Intern

      Risanti graduated from Chemical Engineering major at one of the institutes in Surabaya. Currently she is working in the research area on various study objectives and exploring insights from various points of view. She has developed her passion in sustainability-related issues since she was actively involved in community climate action projects.

      Last Seen: Wandering off to a new place without any plans on what to do.

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      Non-Profit Business Development Intern

      Sylvia is a third year Biology student at the University of Gadjah Mada. Her eco journey was all started by unintentionally watching a young environmental activist’s UN speech named Greta Thunberg on youtube. It has made her realise and be very concerned with the world's most urgent crisis: climate change. After she explored further, she was determined to contribute to society and make the world a better place to live. Joining Project Planet ID is her initiative to manifest her passion and aspires to bring positive impacts by helping this eco community grow bigger than ever and create a greener world.

      Last Seen: Waking up at 3 am watching TED talks, k-dramas, and eating instant noodles for early morning breakfast.

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      Iervinny Tanto

      Non-Profit Business Development Intern

      Vinny aspires to help Indonesians care more about environmental and social factors. Growing up, she was always taught to care about the common good; her community service involvement then sparked her passion for sustainability. She believes that Indonesia has the potential to grow and thrive like other countries, but to implement a healthy future for Indonesia, we must start with educating its citizens. She hopes that in five years, more people will incorporate sustainability into their lives.

      Last Seen: Eating ice cream while watching Buzzfeed Unsolved

        Betari Ayu Pramita

        Non-Profit Business Development Intern

        Betari has been in love with traveling and being in nature since her childhood. Growing up with such passion, Betari pursued her interest further by taking a Geological Engineering major in Institut Teknologi Bandung and had her university life closely stick to nature. Knowing that global environmental issues are happening, especially ones which were seen during her university projects, Betari wants to learn and get involved deeper in environmental sustainability practices. 

        Last Seen: Having her work-from-home internship for a local agriculture-start up while conserving her energy for post-pandemic blast!

          Kevina Rizkikamila

          Non-Profit Business Development Intern

          Kevina is a marine scientist and currently an MBA student. The time she spent studying about the ocean has shaped her interest in environmental issues and gave her the motivation to always be active in nature conservation. So by joining Project Planet ID's team, she can hopefully contribute and take part in creating a sustainable living environment in Indonesia.

          Last Seen: Meditating under the sea with her infinite scuba tank, wondering if  plastic waste will ever stop polluting the ocean.

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          Yasmin Nadira

          Content Writer Intern

          As a university student majoring in Food Technology, Yasmin began to have a dream of creating a healthier and sustainable world through food and science. However, the start of this journey could not wait until graduation since the world is changing at a fast pace. Through her work as a content writer for Project Planet, Yasmin takes action and hopes her writing could spark inspiration in others to build a future for a better together.


          Last seen: On the hunt for new and exciting things to learn, whether it be language, culture, hobbies, recipes, etc.

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          Gabriella Tesla

          Graphic Design and Social Media Intern 

          Currently studying in her 5th semester of industrial engineering major, Gabriella explored her interest in sustainable development goals and her passion in graphic design. She dreams to live a day without any environmental problems. Combining 2 of her favourite things together for Project Planet ID, she believes through her passions she could be the change she wants to see in the world.

          Last seen: Watching Riverdale, her favorite Netflix series!

            Talita Rahmanea

            Graphic Design and Social Media Intern 

            Originally born and raised in Surabaya, Nea has lived in Bali for the past year to pursue her career and passion towards architecture and design, where she finally gained a revelation on environmental issues as well as the fact that sustainability is gaining a major place of importance and impact in our lives. Now, she seeks for any opportunities she could find to help spread awareness by presenting what is really at stake through a visually compelling way.

            Last seen: Taking an afternoon nap on the couch of a cottage veranda overlooking the beauty of Tegalalang rice field.

              Reina Angela

              Graphic Design and Social Media Intern 

              Reina is a high-school student who has passion in the world of design. Realising that there are limited resources that support an eco-friendly lifestyle in Indonesia, she wants to be involved in an environmental organisation. Reina would like to help spread awareness for climate change through her creations. The next step that she took was to join the Project Planet ID team, with this she hopes to be able to help Indonesia become more of an eco-friendly place to live.

              Last seen: Binge watching on Netflix while eating her home baked cookies.

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              Karina Tjandra

              Event Management Intern

              Karina found her passion in sustainability and plastic waste through her daily surroundings. Witnessing how one person unconsciously produces a pile of plastic waste daily can be overwhelming. Moreover, knowing that the waste will not be easy to decompose and harm the environment made her realise that a sustainable lifestyle needs to be settled in order to tackle this problem. As a business graduate, she hopes to contribute her skills to businesses and organisations by supporting a greener and a more sustainable lifestyle.

              Last Seen: Sipping her morning coffee while randomly woof-ing at her neighbour’s cute dogs to join their conversation.

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              Adelia Pramesti Hanggoro

              Event Management Intern

              A 22-year-old fresh graduate from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, majoring in Urban and Regional Planning. Her interest in sustainability has grown since 2017 when she was volunteering to help tackle the food waste management issue and started to dive into it. She does many activities related to widening her knowledge and she believes every small action matters. Her goal now is to pursue a career in the sustainable development sector in order to contribute and make an impact to create a better living environment and society.

              Last Seen: Cuddling with her cats on the couch while watching Netflix.

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