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A Guide to Cutting Your Waste

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Did you know that the world generated 242 million tonnes of plastic waste!?

It's equivalent to about 24 trillion medium-sized plastic bottles. The water volume of these bottles could fill up 2,400 Olympic stadiums!

Based on data from The World Bank, currently the world produces 2.01 billion tons of municipal solid waste annually and 33% of this waste is not managed in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Seeing the crisis of waste problems that exist in the world, it is important for us to be able to reduce waste as much as possible.

Here are 6 reasons why we must reduce waste

1. For our next generation

Our climate is changing. By reducing our waste we can lessen the impact on our agriculture and freshwater locations. We can even lower the frequency of natural disasters that are affecting our communities internationally, so as to provide a safer future for the next generation.

2. For our wildlife

Currently, ecosystems and natural habitats that have been polluted have disrupted the lives of our wild animals. By reducing waste we can protect endangered species.

3. For a healthier you

It's clear that the poor handling of waste can develop some serious health risks for humans. This highlights the importance of individuals, households and businesses doing their best to manage waste and recycle where possible.

4. For a healthier earth

Improving waste management will help the world become more resilient to extreme climate events that cause floods, damage infrastructure, and displace communities and their livelihoods. In other words, the world will become healthier and more resistant to various hazards that will come in the future.

5. For savings

Most of us have more than we need. By reducing waste we will only buy the things we really need. This includes taking food, bottled water, impulse purchases, and non-essential clothing. So reducing waste will have a good impact on our finances and savings.

6. For our exhausted landfills

Landfills create water pollution when waste is saturated with water and certain particles cannot be removed through water treatment processes. This is dangerous for the surrounding community so it needs changes and waste reduction for better conditions.

Here are 6 ways to cut back on your waste

  1. Buy less

  2. Bring reusables everywhere you go

  3. Less takeouts, more homemade meals

  4. Donate your old clothes

  5. Finish your food

  6. Compost your scraps


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