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Eating with Your Eyes: How it Fuels Food Waste

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According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Indonesia produces the second most food waste in the world. Indonesians waste 300 kilograms of food each year per person. Did you know that, that much food can feed 28 million people in Indonesia (11% of Indonesia's population)?

Source: Low Carbon Development Indonesia[1]

What caused it?

In 2016, researchers at the Economist Group revealed that Indonesia needs to improve the infrastructure of food-producing areas and raise public awareness about the problem of food waste.

In addition, it is proven that Indonesia only has a cold storage capacity of 200,000 tons of food, which is less than actual needs. That way, a lot of food is thrown away due to a shortage of cold storage capacity in Indonesia.

Furthermore, 40% of total food waste is generated by "imperfect" looking products. Strict cosmetic standards cause many products to be rejected by stores and result in waste. For example, a bruised banana or an oddly shaped avocado.


Given the current crisis, it is very important for everyone to work together to address the problem of food waste. Every level of society has a role in helping solve this problem.

How to solve the problem?

How to solve problems as a consumer:

1. Think before buying something

2. Reducing the amount of food waste

3. Make your own organic waste compost

4. Appreciate local products

How to solve the problem as a government:

1. Expand infrastructure development and storage facilities

2. Educate farmers and consumers about food waste

3. Enforce existing regulations and provide penalties for violators

How to solve the problem as a retailer:

1. Stop applying high cosmetic standards

2. Store food from its usage date

By stopping wasting food we can eliminate 8% of total emissions, so we can fight global warming while fighting world hunger.

Source: Bio Bag[3]

Therefore, let's start reducing the amount of food waste for a better human life.

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