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From Fossil Fuels to a Sustainable Future: Career Insights from a Renewable Energy Researcher

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The challenges of climate change have made the need for renewable energy industries increasingly essential. Moreover, the depletion of oil and gas resources has prompted the demand for renewable energy. In building this industry, researchers play a vital role in developing environmentally friendly solutions. In this instance, we had the opportunity to talk to Christin Rina Ratri, a researcher at the BRIN Advanced Materials Research Center. Christin shared valuable insights with us about her role in driving the development of renewable energy.

BRIN as the largest research center in Indonesia

Source: BRIN [1]


Advancing Renewable Energy through Research

As a member of the Lithium Battery and Supercapacitor research group, Christin specializes in studying separator materials, a critical component in lithium batteries. In her role as a researcher, exploring various raw materials, process conditions, and component compatibility has been both interesting and challenging for her. Driven by her passion for renewable energy research, Christin strives to make a significant contribution to achieving more sustainable energy sources.

Research Activities at BRIN

Source: BRIN [2]


Paving the Way for a Green Energy Future

Looking ahead, Bu Christin envisions promising developments in the green industry, especially in the next 5-10 years. With oil and gas reserves that will run out one day, and the need to transition to renewable energy from now on, she is sure that various green job opportunities will emerge ready to support this transition. For fresh graduates, this is the right moment to broaden their knowledge and skills and contribute towards realizing a sustainable future.

The importance of data analysis

Sumber: BRIN [3]


Following the Path: Advice for a Career in the Renewable Energy Industry

In conclusion, Christin offers valuable advice to the younger generation interested in pursuing a career in renewable energy.

1. Exploring Various Aspects

She suggests exploring various fields related to renewable energy, both from technical and non-technical perspectives, such as commercial and financial aspects.

2. Engage in Active Reading and Master Data Analysis

In an era dominated by data, Christin emphasizes the importance of reading and processing data and improving literacy through case studies involving relevant information and data.

3. Actively Seeking Opportunities

Furthermore, she encourages young professionals to seek out interesting opportunities and devise strategies to achieve them.


In order to achieve a sustainable future, the role of researchers in the renewable energy industry is crucial. Through their dedication and innovation, as demonstrated by Christin, we can develop environmentally friendly solutions and advance the transition towards sustainable energy sources.

Disclaimer: This article was made based on written interviews with the informant


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