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Greening the Future: The Vital Role of Youth in Environmental Foundations

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The younger generation, especially the Millennials and Z generations, are a generation that has a big role in changing conditions in the world. Developing with technology, makes it easier for the younger generation to innovate according to what they want. Therefore, the mindset and sensitivity of the younger generation towards current conditions is one of the important points for the future. Currently, social media, which is one of the mainstay platforms for the younger generation, is an effective place to share concerns and create a community as the first step in efforts to preserve the environment.

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Zero Waste Indonesia, one of the leading environmental platforms in Indonesia

Zero Waste Indonesia, is one of the first online-based community foundations in Indonesia which was founded in 2018 by Maurilla Imron and Kirana Agustina with the aim of inviting Indonesian people to live a zero waste lifestyle (Zero Waste Lifestyle). Through this foundation, they play an active role in spreading public awareness of the importance of adopting a wiser mindset in waste management, namely through 6R (Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot). In addition, ZWID is also a place to gather for individuals, environmental activists, communities and all parties who share the same concerns about the environment.

Nila Patty joins ZWID as a Strategic Initiative that functions to support the founder in carrying out the vision and mission, as well as helping external collaboration and communication with outsiders. Self-awareness of the importance of living environmentally friendly and the desire to help others in implementing environmentally friendly living is one of the motivations for joining this foundation.

Source: Instagram Account Zero Waste ID[2]

How Zero Waste Indonesia works as an Environmental Foundation

ZWID carries out campaigns through its platforms in 2 ways, namely online through social media and offline through various events. The vision of ZWID is as a one-stop-solution platform and information umbrella regarding a minimal waste lifestyle, so that a lot of content such as infographics, tips & tricks and information on online events are presented by ZWID. Through social media engagement rate statistics (@zerowaste.id_official) and the enthusiasm of offline event participants, ZWID can see the impact they have made. For example, if people have learned to refuse disposable items, businesses allow them to bring reusable items, then the environmental impact will be seen from the reduction in the volume of waste or the development of a culture of sorting waste in the community.

ZWID has successfully collaborated with various institutions, such as the Eatink Movement, Total Karya Kolase Fashion, Urban Icon Store and many more. The large number of collaborations is based on 3 important aspects, namely active communication, clarity of collaboration timeline and alignment of vision and mission with collaborators.

As an environmental foundation, it certainly requires support from various parties and a change in the mindset of the community that foundations have an important role for business, social, economic and planetary sustainability. For now, financial support for ZWID comes from donations, grantees and short-term projects. In the future, perhaps there will be better opportunities for environmental foundations to receive stable financial support so that they can carry out their vision.

Source: Instagram Account Zero Waste ID[3]

Young Generation as a green future leader

The practice of sustainability in everyday life will open up great opportunities for Green Jobs in the future. All aspects of life will apply the sustainability side, because sustainability is everywhere and our need for a green earth will increase in the future. Therefore, a Green Job is a very good choice of job, whether in a corporate, NGO or government environment. To enter and prepare for a career in the environmental field, the younger generation needs consistency and perversion. Currently, a career in the world of NGOs and the environment is something that is anti-mainstream and is still being overlooked, because of that it will be difficult to survive in the world of the environment. But in the future, believe that sustainability is the most necessary thing and you can become a driving force for that mindset!

To learn more about Zero Waste Indonesia, visit their website HERE and their social media on Instagram HERE .

Source: Instagram Account Zero Waste ID[4][5]


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