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The Beginning of Project Planet

Well hello there, I see you’ve stumbled upon our very first blog post. If you haven’t gotten an idea of what Project Planet is, this post will hopefully fulfill your curiosity.

A quick visit to the past: Around the age of 10 I learned about Global Issues, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Sustainable Development Goals. I started understanding about issues that run deep in the world, occurring in both developed and underdeveloped countries, from deforestation to human trafficking.

As a happy-go-lucky person, I did everything I could to avoid thinking about global issues that couldn't be dealt with instantaneously (that's all of them btw!). I noticed that it was easier, in both effort and emotional burden, to be ignorant than to be concerned, then went on day to day knowing that the world isn’t a smooth-running machine. I knew where the garbage truck took the packaging and leftovers of my Go-Food takeaway, and I knew about the people scavenging what is left of my trash. I had myself convinced that a one, average person's day to day actions wouldn't make a single difference. So I took the easy way out and accept the broken system as my norm.

Project Planet is the movement created to break that mindset.

I believe in my generation's ability and power to become the voice of concern for Indonesia. More and more people are standing up against this broken system, and they are finding ways to make the inconvenience of changing our lifestyle interesting and necessary.

Eco-product vendors, demand for volunteering, and conversations about sustainability can be seen as a niche in Indonesia but it is certainly growing. However, only part of the Indonesian population has the means and resources to learn, attend, and contribute. Therefore, we have a lot of work to do, and as this platform grows (Indonesian translations coming soon!) and more project launches, we strive to make education about these issues accessible to all Indonesians.

Essentially, to change Indonesia is to change the mindset and habits of the general population.

Project Planet ID strives to become a centralized platform for information, news, and activities on environmental or social issues in Indonesia. We provide features which allow the contribution, and solution-finding more efficient.

Our team consists of concerned individuals who want to contribute to the society and environment, or feel that the broken system should no longer be tolerated. This initiative will hopefully be the movement I dream it could be, and encourage everyone to want a better Indonesia.



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