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5 Recommended Readings to Kick off a Zero Waste Lifestyle

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Are you looking to start a zero waste lifestyle but don’t know how? Or are you looking for information about a zero waste lifestyle that is inspiring and fun to read? We got your back! Here are some reading recommendations for anyone who's looking for fun yet insightful books to improve your sustainable lifestyle.

Source: Debby Hudson [1]


An Almost Zero Waste Life: Learning How to Embrace Less to Live More

If you are starting to get into a more sustainable lifestyle, then this book is for you! This book covers an excellent introduction to zero waste that provides a realistic and comprehensive step-by-step you can start implementing. The author also reminds readers that every step taken matters, and it does not need to be taken all at once. Ease yourself into it! With its beautiful design and fun illustrations, this book is definitely a good read for beginners.

Resetting Our Future: Zero Waste Living, the 80/20 Way: The Busy Person's Guide to a Lighter Footprint

Do you think your busy routine won’t suit a zero waste lifestyle? Think again! We suggest you read this book. The author encourages readers to start a zero waste lifestyle with the 80/20 concept—that a twenty percent change can make an eighty percent difference—and gives relevant action steps to minimize waste. This book groups action steps under three categories which are 1- focus on food 2- purge plastic 3-recycle right. Shhhh, the book also provides fun facts in each chapter that might encourage you even more to reduce your carbon prints!

More Plants Less Waste: Plant-based Recipes + Zero Waste Life Hacks with Purpose

If you're already kicking off your zero waste lifestyle and trying to be plant based, then this book is for you! A cookbook that provides you with delicious recipes that are zero waste, plant-based, and cost less. The author also gives tricks and hacks that can help you shop sustainably. A highly recommended book for those of you who want to improve their zero waste lifestyle.

How to Give Up Plastic: A Guide to Changing the World, One Plastic Bottle at a Time

This book has action-oriented tips to use less plastic with doable changes in almost every aspect of your life. It comprehensively provides background information about climate change, the effects of plastic, and interviews with people who have dedicated their life to getting rid of single-use plastic. The most remarkable part of this book is how it brings the readers through several perspectives from different economic, social, and medical standpoints fitted for different individuals. If you're seeking for a book that gives you a broad perspective on zero-waste, this one's for you!

Zero Waste Cheat Sheet by Project Planet

Don’t have the time to read page after page about zero-waste? Our zero waste cheat sheet is the best answer for you! Our cheat sheet is a quick and simple guide for anyone who wants to start living zero waste in a short time. This cheat sheet provides a brief background about zero waste lifestyle, creative daily tips, and zero waste alternatives with wonderful illustrations. Sources are also provided for those of you who want to learn more!





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