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After the Election, Will Biden Also Win the Climate Change Battle?

After months of nail-biting, anxiety-inducing campaign, Biden was declared the 46th President of the United States, but can he walk the talk?

Biden with America's flag as background
What does Biden have in store to fight the climate crisis?

Source: Pixabay [4]

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After coming back to the Paris Agreement, the United States still has a lot of catching up to do following Trump’s infamous anti-environment leadership. So, how will Joe Biden correct his predecessor’s mistake and lead the nation on future climate mitigation efforts?

Biden’s Promises

Joe Biden is holding what many dubs as the most ambitious climate plan of any other U.S. President. Immediately after his inauguration, Biden announced the U.S’ return to the Paris Climate Agreement and formed his own climate team, consisting of people with good track records for incorporating climate crisis concerns in their policies and partnership experiences with multiple agencies and government bodies [1].

His plan also includes [2]:

  • Investing around $1,7 trillion for climate policies.

  • Aiming the U.S. for 100% clean-energy economy with zero emissions by 2050 and also putting enforcement mechanisms to keep the goal stays on track even after the end of Biden’s term.

  • Further pushing research and development of zero carbon technologies in order to put the U.S. as the engine of the world’s clean economy.

  • Creating 10 million green jobs in the U.S.

  • Tighten the law enforcement for polluters in the U.S.

  • Rally the rest of the world to meet the threat of climate change.


Can Biden Achieve His Own Plan?

Biden’s climate plan is projected to reach its completion by 2050, so there are chances of political shifts along the way that might compromise the plan completion. As a preventative measure, experts suggest that Biden must first rally fellow policymakers and societies to embrace his same vision and focus on doing the short-term plans to prove the feasibility and effectiveness of his climate plan. For example, Biden’s administration can prioritize their plan in transforming the U.S.’ power sector into climate neutral by 2035 [3].

Climate change has become too big of a problem, and having the U.S. renews back its climate commitments does spark hope, but every country must all join hands to save the planet and our future.






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