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Sustainable Success: The Rise of the Green Entrepreneurs

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Currently, the environmental crisis caused by climate change has made the world more aware of the importance of nature conservation. The development of the times and adjustments to conditions also occur in the field of entrepreneurship, therefore now more and more entrepreneurs are realizing the potential of green business ventures. These entrepreneurs are driven by a desire to make a difference in the world and create sustainable solutions that benefit the planet. They are known as green entrepreneurs / green entrepreneurs.

Green entrepreneurs are not only focused on making profits, but also on making a positive impact on the world.

CarbonEthics and Its Impact on the Environment

Fortunately, the prospects for young people who are interested in pursuing green entrepreneurship are very promising. For example, is CarbonEthics, an organization that aims to restore climate balance through the conservation of blue carbon ecosystems, namely the conservation of marine ecosystems that absorb carbon such as mangroves, seagrasses, and coral reefs.

Sources: Documentation of CarbonEthics

The sustainable principles of CarbonEthics support collaboration with coastal communities to improve people's lives. An example is CarbonEthics's collaboration with the community in Bintan, where they created a conservation zone. They also carry out an assessment of the needs of the community and local government, with the aim of monitoring conservation results more effectively and teaching more environmentally friendly use of natural resources.

Sources: Documentation of CarbonEthics

Various activities such as joint conservation and women's empowerment for nature-based economic development have been carried out by this organization. For example, CarbonEthics has succeeded in working with the community in utilizing mangrove waste as a natural dye for batik and mangrove soap.

Source: Instagram Account CarbonEthics

The Experience of Successful Green Entrepreneur

Jessica, as Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer of CarbonEthics, is actively enhancing her capabilities with CarbonEthics by building the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy and the CarbonEthics brand. Jessica plays an important role in measuring the impact of the organization and ensuring transparency of power to the public to increase trust in CarbonEthics, thus supporting collaboration with individuals or other partners in carrying out climate action with CarbonEthics.

Jessica's background as a coastal resident who witnessed environmental degradation and climate change where she lived, supported her to choose a career in the environmental field. Jessica's career ambition is to inspire many talented professionals to use their abilities for the good of the world.

Jessica, Co-Founder CarbonEthics
Jessica, Co-Founder CarbonEthics

Source: Jessica’s Private Document

Of course, Jessica faced many big challenges in building CarbonEthics, one of which was financial and human resources. As a non-profit and non-governmental organization, CarbonEthics opens wide opportunities for professionals and young people who wish to help implement voluntary organizational programs. Fresh graduates are one of the target markets for this organization, where by joining CarbonEthics, the experience and mindset of the younger generation will be able to develop properly according to the needs of a sustainable future. In addition, CarbonEthics requires a professional and experienced workforce to lead the organization and support the accelerated development of the organization on a larger scale.

Tips to Become a Green Entrepreneur in the style of the Young Generation

The younger generation will act as active workers in the next 5-10 years and will play an important role in the future of the world, and green jobs will become increasingly popular. Businesses that are run with an environmental vision will greatly open up opportunities in the future because they will contribute to green economic growth. In addition, the urgent need of current environmental conditions in economic improvement must go hand in hand with reducing environmental problems, so the younger generation is expected to develop in the environmental field.

Source: Instagram Account CarbonEthics

As a prospective green entrepreneur, it takes a good understanding and purpose in making a business. As innovation develops in the environmental industry, green entrepreneurs must be ready to update their knowledge. Jessica's advice is, with a sincere intention to do business for the sake of creating a better world to pass on to the next generation, then the Universe will provide assistance in every possible way beyond our expectations.

To learn more about CarbonEthics, visit their website HERE and their social media on Instagram HERE .

In your opinion, what environment-based business is suitable in the future?

Source: CarbonEthics’s Documentation


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All photos and information is obtained from CarbonEthics and based on the interview with CarbonEthics.


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