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What Happened in April 2023?

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1. Toxic Waste Pollution Causes

Death of Thousands of Fish in the Cileungsi River (06/04/23)

Death of thousands fish in Cileungsi River due to polluted water

Source: Detik News [1]

It is suspected that thousands of fish were killed by hazardous and toxic waste in the Cileungsi River. The Cileungsi Cikeas River Care Community (KP2C) reported high pollution levels since April 6th, and dead fish have been found along a 30-kilometer stretch of river. According to KP2C's chairman, the river has been heavily polluted from April 6th to April 8th and one of the sources of pollution is toxic and hazardous waste from Bantarjati Village in Klapanunggal District, Bogor Regency. As a result of the pollution, the ecosystem of the river and the fish's food chain has been negatively affected [2].


2. Earth Day 2023:

A Call to Action for Climate Change (22/04/23)

On Earth Day, demonstrators go to the streets to call for climate change action

Source: Reuters [3]

Earth Day was celebrated worldwide on April 22, 2023, as people and organizations planted trees, cleaned up trash, and advocated for more aggressive climate change measures. It coincided with scientists' warnings about extreme weather and unprecedented heat waves that are already affecting India's agriculture, economy, and public health. The Extinction Rebellion activist group held a four-day event in London while in Washington, the Climate Justice Alliance marched to end fossil fuel burning. Prior to Earth Day, President Biden pledged $500 million for Amazon rainforest conservation and the fight against climate change [4,5]. Despite these efforts, governments worldwide have yet to fulfill their commitments under the 2015 Paris Agreement to limit global warming.


3. Climate-Conscious Youth Criticize

President Biden's Willow Project Approval (24/04/23)

A drilling location in Alaska's North Slope

Source: New York Times [6]

President Biden's climate agenda has raised concerns among young voters, who remain alarmed by the impacts of climate change. Young voters are disappointed with Biden's approval of the $8 billion Willow oil drilling project on pristine federal land in Alaska. This is despite the fact that the President's administration has prepared the first limits on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, committed $1 billion to assist developing countries fight climate change, and proposed regulations to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles [7]. According to Alec Tyson, associate director of research at Pew Research Center, 62% of young people favor a complete phase-out out of fossil fuels, and they are disappointed that the president decided to include language in the climate law that eases offshore drilling [6].


4. SpaceX Starship Test Flight Mishap

Triggers Environmental Concerns (24/04/23)

An explosion occurred following the SpaceX Starship's launch near Boca Chica, Texas

Source: NBC News [8]

On April 24, an explosion happened during a test flight of the SpaceX Starship resulting in the release of Particulate matter into the atmosphere. The Federal Aviation Administration classified the explosion as a "mishap," and SpaceX is investigating its causes. This mishap raised concerns about the potential environmental effects of liquid oxygen and methane-powered rocket launches. In addition, particles would land on people and habitats in Port Isabel, about six miles away, and South Padre Island, a few miles up the coast [9]. This incident highlights the need for enhanced risk assessment and environmental impact assessments for future rocket launches to prevent harm to people and the environment.


5. Six Environmental Activists Awarded the

2023 Environmental Goldman Prize (24/04/23)

Winners of the 2023 Environmental Goldman Prize

Source: Mongabay [10]

The winners of the 2023 Goldman Environmental Prize, which honors local environmental activists from six different parts of the world, have been announced for this year. The winners include Alessandra Korap Munduruku, an Indigenous organizer who launched an international campaign to stop mining development in Amazon’s rainforest; Tero Mustonen, a fisherman who led the restoration of 62 severely degraded former industrial peat mining and forestry sites throughout Finland; Diane Wilson, a fisherwoman who won legal victory against Formosa Plastics, a company responsible for toxic waste disposal into the Gulf Coast of Texas; Zafer Kzlkaya, a conservationist who established a new marine protected area along the Turkish coast; Delima Silalahi, a leader who assisted six Indigenous communities in Sumatra obtain legal custody of their property; and Chilekwa Mumba, a Gambian activist whose legal actions established a precedent for holding British mining companies accountable for environmental harm committed by their foreign subsidiaries [11]. The winners were honored in a ceremony at the San Francisco Opera House on April 24, 2023 [10].





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