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Guide to Cloth Masks #COVID19

As per 6 April 2020, the Indonesian government has required people to wear washable cloth masks in public, following the recommendations by CDC (Center for Disease and Control Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization).

Surgical and N95 masks are in short supply and are prioritized for healthcare workers or other medical first responders.


Even if you don’t feel sick or show symptoms, you might still be a carrier of COVID-19.


  • Remember, the cloth mask is just an additional protective measure!

  • You still need to practice preventative measures such as keeping at least one meter of distance apart, regularly washing your hands and sneezing to your elbow.

  • When putting on and taking off the mask, always wash your hands and be careful not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth.

Photo by @kaind_id



Info provided by @aakarstudios

1. DIY

2. Donate while you purchase

  • When you purchase from these brands, they will donate part or all of the money earned to help healthcare workers and marginalized communities who do not have the opportunity to stay or work from home (therefore making themselves prone to catching the virus).

3. Purchase from local and sustainable brands

  • Let's help our economy by shopping local!



  • Use: Maximum recommended time of use is 4 hours

  • Wash: After every use. 2-ply: with soap, detergent and warm water. 3-ply: machine wash with detergent (>40c)

  • Dry: Line dry, best to use direct sunlight

  • Fit: Comfortably and securely, include multiple layers of fabric and allow for breathing without restriction

  • DIY: As seen from the graph below, a vacuum cleaner bag, dish towel and cotton blend are the top 3 materials for DIY masks (click here for more info)


  • Please think of others at this unfortunate time.

  • Please do not hoard surgical masks, N95 masks, other personal protective gears or staple foods if you’re not sick, caring for someone who is sick or is a healthcare worker.

  • Please do not do engage in price gouging by marking up the prices of these items, for the safety and wellbeing of everyone.


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