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The Green Jobs Revolution: Exploring Sustainable Careers and Opportunities

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Are you an experienced professional looking to transition into a greener career path or a young aspiring change maker eager to build a sustainable future?

On June 10, 2023, Project Planet hosted a groundbreaking event called "The Green Jobs Revolution: Exploring Sustainable Careers and Opportunities," consisting of three engaging sessions. This transformative event delved into the world of green jobs, empowering attendees with valuable insights and practical guidance on embracing sustainable career paths.

green jobs revolution event from project planet indonesia


First Session: "Social Media for Social Good: Inspiring Positive Impact Online"

Emphasizing authenticity and inspiring positive change, Muriel, the Founder of Zero Waste Indonesia, discussed the challenges faced by influencers in the era of fast-paced social media. By finding your purpose, adding value, and leading by example, social media users can make a positive impact while avoiding pitfalls such as greenwashing and unclear communication with brands.

Influencers can have powerful impacts for the Earth because the social media users in Indonesia at the start of 2022 reached above half of the population. Muriel reminded everyone that each individual can be an influencer by sharing and inspiring others.

Getting Started as an Eco-Influencer: Useful Tips!

Muriel shared a few tips to start as an Eco-Influencer, such as:

  • Find your purpose. Discover your purpose and lead with positive impact through example.

  • Don't value yourself from likes or views. You just have to keep going with the mindset of sharing and inspiring others while adding value to your content.

  • Keep going. Keep going and embrace your editing style, don't overthink it. When working with a brand, view it as an opportunity to educate.


Second Session: "The Power of Green Jobs: Transforming Careers Sustainably"

Experts Adhitya Yusuf, a project manager at UNDP Indonesia, Sekar Ardibrata, a Finance & People Associate from Carbonethics, and Tieke Said, the head of Human Resources at WRI Indonesia, brought their extensive knowledge and expertise to shed light on the qualifications, day-to-day activities, and career prospects in the field of green jobs.

How Green Jobs Impact the Environment & Society:

During the event, Adhitya Yusuf shared his invaluable experience at UNDP Indonesia collaborating & coordinating with the government to develop action plans for circular economies.

While Sekar Ardibrata highlighted the Carbon Ethics' dedication to supporting corporate sustainability and empowering coastal communities through various initiatives, such as climate education and blue carbon conservation.

Tieke Said emphasized the impactful work of WRI Indonesia, which engages in both think-tank research and do-tank projects, aiming to preserve the environment and advance socio-economic development.

Tips & Tricks from the Experts: How to Start a Green Job?

Drawing from their wealth of experience, the experts shared invaluable tips for aspiring individuals seeking green jobs:

  • Adhitya Yusuf advised people to pursue their passions, set achievable goals, and seize opportunities to enter the green job sector, so individuals can make a meaningful impact on sustainability.

  • Sekar Ardibrata emphasized the importance of finding our whys and aligning personal values with the requirements of green jobs, so we could pursue a career that drives positive change.

  • Tieke Said highlighted the significance of identifying one's passion, continually improving knowledge and skills, networking with professionals, and maintaining a sustainable mindset, so we could create opportunities within the green job landscape.


Third Session: "Unleash Your Potential: Stand Out with a Winning CV & Interview"

HR practitioner, Dinar Syarita Bakti took the stage to provide attendees with essential tips for crafting attention-grabbing CVs and excelling in job interviews.

With her extensive experience in the field, Dinar emphasized the importance of aligning CV content with applicant tracking systems and incorporating engaging summary profiles to capture recruiters' attention.

During the session, Dinar highlighted the significance of thorough research on companies and preparing the answer to possible questions before job interviews. Furthermore, Dinar emphasized the importance of staying calm and being honest during job interviews. By showcasing authenticity, candidates can create a lasting impression on interviewers.


By embracing the insights and practical tips shared throughout the event, individuals are well-equipped to embark on their green job journeys, making a positive impact on the environment while shaping their careers. Let us join forces and continue to drive the green jobs revolution forward. Together, we can build a more sustainable and prosperous world for generations to come.


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