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Your 2021 Ultimate B.Y.O.T. Promo Guide!

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A white Project Planet Indonesia tumbler on a table

Another year to boost your motivation for the environment! It's time we refresh the list of promos for 'Bring Your Own Tumbler'. There are a lot of reasons why you should bring a tumbler around, and getting special offers is just one of them.

Also, you can get your very own e-book of our Zero Waste Cheat Sheet here—a guide for everything you need to know about living a more sustainable life!


Here is a list of promos you can get at your favorite F&B outlets around Indonesia:

*Promotions may differ in branches, and/or have changed by the time this post is published as of February 2021

Though, keep in mind, a bunch of other brands still let you bring tumblers even though you may not get any special offers. So why not bring your own tumbler anyway?

Let us know if we missed any cafes or coffee shops in the comments!


What are your favorite green promos? Write in our forum HERE!



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